Why has Grohmann stood the test of time?  A very simple equation: skilled craftspeople + quality materials = award winning products. 2007 was the 50th Anniversary for our Original Design #1 model.

Blade Materials

Grohmann takes pride in their products and that means using high quality materials. Grohmann's most popular in the outdoor is fashioned from European high carbon stainless, such as 4110, which is somewhat comparable to the USA 440 series. This material has stood the test of time due to its ease of sharpening and edge holding ability.  

The carbon products are made from a C70-type European carbon for the carbon-lovers out there. As any quality material goes, stainless or carbon, all should be kept cleaned and oiled to prevent rusting, especially the carbon. When carbon products leave the Grohmann factory, the blades are oiled with non-toxic mineral oil and wrapped in wax paper to preserve the blades. Keep in mind, carbon will corrode if not kept cleaned and oiled, this is the nature of the beast. Returns due to neglect will not be covered under warranty, but can usually be serviced and restored for a minimal fee (for more information, click on the Warranty section or Lifetime Limited Warranty sheet that arrived with your first quality purchase - seconds/final sale items do not have a warranty).

Other European steels somewhat comparable to AUS6 are used in the pocket and lock. Rockwell hardness 56-58 degrees is maintained throughout all of the Outdoor. The high carbon stainless  used in the kitchen somewhat varies throughout the different lines, providing a Good [poly & regular lines], Better [full tang rosewood and full tang xtra lines], and Best program [forged rosewood and forged xtra lines].  Rockwell 54-56 hardness is maintained across the Kitchen lines.

Outdoor Grinds (Regular Classic Grind VS New Flat Grind)

Grohmann offers two grinds on most of the outdoor, our regular "sabre" grind, or the new flat grind option. Our regular classic grind is thicker and stronger, and was designed ideally for hunting and skinning. The new flat grind option is a thinner, fully tapered grind from top to bottom and makes for a more lightweight general purpose camp tool: can be used for fishing, hunting and general camp duties. In the stainless models there is no price difference, simply add an "F" to the model number for flat grinding ie. #R1SF  or leave the number as is for our regular classic grind ie #R1S.  Regular "sabre" grinds on the carbon blades are regular list price ie #R1C;  but any carbon steel flat grinds are done on a custom basis only by special request and are subject to a custom charge ie #R1CF. Shown below is the Regular Grind which is standard on all models (except the Mini Skinner) and the Flat Grind as marked.

Regular "sabre" grind blade

Flat Grind blade (fully tapered)




Grohmann Kitchen

Grohmann Kitchen are made with Classic Rosewood, Black Nylon Polypropylene, or Xtra resinwood handles (either oak or wine colour).

1. Forged Rosewood Line      

Forged Xtra Resinwood Line) not shown

2. Full Tang Rosewood Line
3. Regular Rosewood Line
4. Polypropylene Line

Xtra resinwood handles are available on the Full Tang and Forged Line (as well as on the outdoor tools). Xtra is available your choice Wine or Oak colour. Xtra is water-resistant and very durable.





 Grohmann Outdoor
Grohmann Outdoor are available in many steel/handle combinations. Handles are as important to the quality of our products as are the blades. And since all handles involve natural materials, no two handles are alike. Safety, comfort, balance and lasting beauty  are handcrafted into each one. After all, yours must "feel right".

Grohmann offers our classic Rosewood in many beautiful variations. Ranging from deep, rosy brown to blonde strips, each handle is quite unique as no two handles are ever the same. Plantation grown mainly in East India, this special wood is selected for its durability, colour & rich grain. Rosewood is always an excellent choice for a quality handle.


Xtra Water-Resistant Resinwood
These eye-catching handles are made from layers of natural hardwoods impregnated with resin. The beauty of wood, a high gloss finish that does not require any future liquid finishes, not affected by extreme temperatures & resistant to the corrosive affects of salt water are just some of the reasons to choose Xtra Water-Resistant Resinwood.


Linen Micarta
We have added the black linen micarta to our line as well, available on most outdoor. Micarta is commonly called the "steel of the plastic family" for its strength and durability and is similar to G-10. Composed of layers of linen soaked in resin, it is lightweight yet tough, has a slighty linen textured look but fairly smooth to the touch when finished.



Stag Horn
Made from shed stag horn, a lasting natural choice that is pleasing to the eyes as it is to the hand. The natural grooves & indentations make a secure grip as well as providing a unique handle on every item. Nice enough for a presentation piece but durable enough to use. Very limited quantities left due to the stag ban.
High Lustre Water Buffalo Horn
All natural Water Buffalo Horn handles have a high shine finish with colour variations from jet black to black with streaks of pearl gray and white. Water Buffalo handles are naturally water-resistant and extremely durable. Available on most models.

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