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Forged Professional Rosewood Line (Best Quality)

Our top of the line professional series. Features full tang steel that extends throughout the handle, plus the additional forging. The bolster adds ideal weight and balance. Available in our classic natural rosewood handles shown below, or new Xtra water-resistant resinwood handles in either oak or wine colour click here.

3" curved paring 3" Curved Paring New! 
#201FG-3 $66.50 Straight edge curved bird beak paring, ideal for potatoes and other veggies

4" Paring 4" Paring
#201FG-4 $68.50 Straight edge, rosewood handle, a handy sized paring for smaller cutting jobs.
6" Utility 6" Utility 
#201FG-6 $85.50 Straight edge, rosewood handle   Ideal for cutting up cooked chicken, veggies, a bigger version of our 4" paring.
4" Tomato/Steak 4" Tomato/Steak 
#202FGW-4 $71.00 Fully serrated blade, rosewood handle   Perfect for tomatoes, veggies and steak

6" forged fillet 6" Flexible Fillet New!               #205FG-6 $87.75  Flexible straight blade, rosewood handle  Designed for filleting fish and chicken. 

8" Bread 8" Left Hand Bread                  #208FGWL-8 $100.50 Fully serrated blade, serrations on the correct side for left hand straight cuts.

Right Hand 
#208FGW-8 $100.50 Fully serrated blade for the right handed. Ideal for freshly baked breads, sandwiches, and more










New! 7" Santoku 
#209FG-7 $93.25  Straight edge blade, rosewood handle  Chopping, dicing veggies, meat and more
8" Chef, Heavy Duty 8" Chef, Heavy Duty 
#209FG-8 $124.50  Straight edge blade, rosewood handle  Chopping, dicing veggies, meat and more
10" blade also available 
#209FG-10 $131.00 Straight edge blade, rosewood handle
8" Carving 8" Carving
#213FG-8  $97.50 Straight edge blade, rosewood handle  For slicing turkey, ham, deli meats
6" Chef Fork 6" Chef Fork
#214FG-6 $93.25 Straight Tines, rosewood handle  A perfect mate for the carving.
Forged Line
Designed to be used by professional chefs, these heavier, precision-balanced tools are easily distinguished by a thick bolster separating the blade and the handle.
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Also available in Xtra Water-Resistant Handles (layers of wood and resin)
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Full Tang Line
Ideal balance and added strength highlight this happy medium between average kitchen usage and that of professional chefs.
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Also available in Xtra Water-Resistant Handles
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Regular Line
Perfect for average kitchen usage. This line has been designed for safety, comfort, balance and lasting beauty.
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Poly Line
A more cost effective version of the Regular Line and includes a dishwasher safe polypropylene handle.
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