Model numbers usually co-ordinated with sheath numbers other than these exceptions:

101 - Fits model #101        

1595- Fits models R350S, Z390S, Z390SW

4/100- Fits models #4,#100,#103  

380 - Fits models#300,380

3154- Marlin Spike & Shackler  

105 - Fits model #105

3M - Holds Marlin Spike

3A  - For additional safety and security, the #3A overlap sheath also comes in a larger size to accommodate all other sizes. Flap completely encloses item and buttons to close. (Just ask for an 'army' or overlap sheath when ordering your item.)


 If in doubt, ask for assistance or check your price lists for descriptions. Specialty or custom sheaths can also usually be accommodated.

A leather conditioning oil, such as Neets, can be lightly applied to the sheaths to maintain flexibility & sustain waterproofing.

These are the newest sheath options for the belt; a pouch that can hold a 6" sharpening steel (#212-6) for quick sharpening touchups in the field.

106S - Fits models #1, #2, #3

100S - Fits models #100, #4, #103

101S - Fits model #101

104S - Fits model #104





Grohmann Quality Sheaths
Superior handcrafted quality also refers to out custom designed leather sheaths. Most outdoor come with a top grade oil tanned sheath. However, should you wish to purchase an additional case, this page outlines the model order numbers.

All leather sheaths are made of 6 to 8 ounce steerhide that is glued, stitched and riveted for maximum strength & durability. Each is then oiled tanned and polished by hand to give it a beautiful finish.

Pictured are right-handed sheaths, but left-handed sheaths are also available by request (as well as our left-handed bread!)

We offer promotional logoing on our sheaths (as well as the steel) that is reasonably priced, or get your initials on a sheath for a low fee.

We also offer custom sheath making for most other brands etc. We do require your item sent to us for sizing/fitting as well as a description or specifications of what you are looking for. Email or call for more information.


Brochure and Information 

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